ANG Pei San 洪佩杉

ANG Pei San

Born in Singapore, 1974

During Ang Pei San’s juvenile years. She was introduced to the world of visual arts. With the influence of the Western and Chinese traditions, inspired her modern expressionism artworks. Acrylic infusions of Chinese calligraphic characters feature prominently amid subtle, modulated shades of colours, tones and textures.

Her artistic concepts reveal a deep desire for mutual harmony, cooperation, continuity and trust. She strives for freedom in her artistic exploration, defying clear boundaries, and yet mindful of a time-honoured collective conscience.

Pei San took part in group exhibition since 2005. She participated local group exhibitions, such as “Et Cetera” (2005); “Liquid Passion” (2008); “Boundaries” (2010); “Unity in Diversity” (2012) and overseas, such as China-ASEAN Youth Artwork Creativity Exhibition, China (2006) and Asian International Art Exhibition in China, Indonesia, Korea, Philippines and Singapore (2005 – 2013).

Her artworks were highly commended in UOB Competition (2003) and Distinction in UOB Competition (2005).

Contact: +65 96984705