ANG Teck Ee 汪哲毅

ANG Teck Ee

Born in Singapore, 1966

Our society is characterized with increasing sense of disaffection and disorientation which tends to negate anything that is old and obsolete in pursue of sensory pleasures and in the name of ‘progress’…

As a result, we are gradually becoming less aware of the value and subconscious influence of internalized references.

I endeavour to re-connect viewers to such inherent internalized references through distancing by de-familiarizing the past through alienation effect by altering the familiar symbols, natural phenomenon and others. Thus, creating a fresh perception by the use of material, texture, expressions; and reconstructing our subliminal mind by transforming the experiences.

Teck Ee holds a BA in Architecture and MA in Social Science.

He participated in Annual Exhibition of Singapore Art Society (1990 – 2003, 2005 and 2010); “Diversity, Art at Work Place”, Mini Painting, (2001); Modern Art Society’s local exhibition, such as “Unity in Diversity” (2012), “47th Annual Show” (2010); “Remade Relived: Modern Art in Singapore” (2009), “Liquid Passion” (2008), “Negotiating Boundaries” (2003), “Self Portrait of the Artists” (1997), Annual Show (1996), 30th Anniversary Art Exhibition (1994); “Inaugural NUS Alumni Art Show” (2009); “Et Cetera” (2005); “Singapore-Japan Art Exchange Exhibition”, Osaka, Japan (2002); Singapore MRT Open House Art Exhibition (1997); Singapore Art ’95 & ’97 (1995 and 1997); The 13th International Art Interchange Exhibition, Kaoshiung, Taiwan (1996); “Grand Shell Discovery Art Exhibition”, Singapore (1996); “17th Shell Discovery Art Exhibition”, Singapore (1995) and Asian International Art Exhibition (1995 – 2011).

His interest in watercolour spurred him to take part in 18th Asian Watercolour Painting Alliance Exhibition in Taiwan (2006); 17th Asia International Watercolour, Singapore (2005); 15th Annual Asian Watercolour Painting Exchange Exhibition in Singapore (2002).

He received Distinction in UOB Competition (2006); highly commended in UOB Competitions (2002. 1994 and 1993); Distinction in Dr. Tan Tsze Chor Western Art Award (2011), Outstanding Work (2008), First Prize (2001) and highly commended (2000); Honourable Mention in Philip Morris Singapore Art Award (2005); Merit Award in Art Quest Nation-Wide Painting Competition (1998); Singapore Telecom Expression Art Competition (1997 and 1995); 3rd Defence Art Competition (1996) and Distinction in Philippe Charriol Foundation Art Competition (1996).

Contact: +65 6673 0671