CHAN Choy Har, Chalsia 陈彩霞

© CHAN Choy Har Chalsia. Image courtesy of Modern Art Society Singapore.

Born in Singapore, 1966

In my recent paintings as an artist, I would like to challenge the mind to look for hidden images from within my paintings. Such is my emerging concepts and impressions that I would like to develop further in the coming years. Discovering the hidden images and images that have yet to appear through the spontaneous flow of paint and strokes from the brushes, another dimension can be created that will result in hidden conversations between the artist and the artwork itself. And in doing so, another channel of conversation between the viewer and the painting is made possible during its transition from the artist to the viewer.

Choy Har received her BA in Fine Arts from RMIT University, Australia and MA in Art Education from National Institute of Education, NTC Singapore. She participated many locally and overseas exhibitions (1986 – present) and has held her 1st solo exhibition in Aberdeen Arts Centre in Scotland, United Kingdom (1993).

She was a winner of Commonwealth Foundation Fellowships in Arts and Crafts; awarded the Best Young Artist by Singapore Telecommunications (1995) and Dr Tan Tsze Chor Excellence Award (1997 and 2007).

Contact: +65 9028 8283