CHANG Hoei Cristene 张慧

© CHANG Hoei Cristene. Image courtesy of Modern Art Society Singapore.

Born in Singapore, 1944

I like to make visual expressions of the ‘invisible’ – the recall of a scent, a story or expression that caught me. They are the re-living of loss or the re-playing in the mind of a meaningful relationship or incident.

I feel that the re-imagining or re-visiting of episodes is transformed by our emotions and thoughts.  The intensity of our feelings either impassions or downplays our memories.

My studio press helps me to create textures and exposed lines suggesting vulnerabilities and improvisations to heighten the layerings of remembrance, enhanced or torn or broken.  The tapestry is a metaphor I often use to suggest the braiding and intertwining of dispersed threads of remembrance.

Cristene graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and received BA in Fine Art (Honours) from Middlesex University in London.

She held a solo exhibitions, at Central Square, Singapore (1996) and participated in many local exhibitions, such as “Panoramic Imprint Exhibition” (2013); “Women Artists”, with a publication (2011); “Boundaries” (2010); “Borders” (2009); “Liquid Passion” (2008); “Limited, Unlimited” (2007); “1x1x1” (2007); “Print-Out” (2006); “Art of the Second Generation” (2005); “Line Art Exhibition” (2005); “Time Phase Print” (2005); “A-PART” (2005); “Proof” (2004); “Read the Small Print” (2003) and “Space Invaders-Futuristic Incursions” (2002); “Pulp Fiction” (2001); “Borders” Nokia Singapore Art (2001); “Proof III” (2001); “Time and Space” (2001); “Different Eyes Different Views” (2000); “Grand Shell Discovery Art Exhibition” (1996); National Day Exhibition (1987, 1983).

She participated many overseas group exhibitions, such as the Sovereign Art Prize Exhibition, Hong Kong (2009); Society Print Exhibition, Malaysia (2000); Asian International Art Exhibition, Macau (1997); Annual International Contemporary Print, Malaysia (1997); Quicksilver Place Exhibition, United Kingdom (1996); Concordia University Print Show, Canada (1996); Newcastle Printmakers’ Workshop, Australia (1995); and Printmaking Exhibition in Lithuania (1995).

She received as the finalist for the Sovereign Art Prize in Hong Kong (2009); Distinction in Dr. Tan Tsze Chor Award (2010); Honourable Mention in Philip Morris ASEAN Art Award, Singapore (2003); First Prize in Ray Fawcett Memorial Award, United Kingdom (1996); and Highly Commended in UOB Competition (1988, 1984); Mediacorp TV12 also featured her in “The Travelling Palette” (2007) and “Art Nation” (2003 and 2002).

She is currently involved in And A New World SMRT public art project commissioned by Singapore Land Transport Authority.

Contact: +65 9747 8173