CHUA Ek Kay 蔡逸溪

© Estate of CHUA Ek Kay. Image courtesy of Modern Art Society Singapore.

Born in China, 1947-2008

Ek Kay received his Chinese-ink painting education from Fan Chang Tien (范昌乾) and Western art education in LaSalle College of the Arts for Advanced Diploma in 1989, followed by that in University Tasmania, Australia for BFA Fine Art in 1994 and lastly in University of Western Sydney (Nepean), Australia for MA (Honours) in 1995.

He has held 13 Solo-exhibitions locally and overseas, namely “Chua Ek Kay Works in Chinese-ink” (1988); “Works by Chua Ek Kay ”(1990); “Duality and Tension” (1992); “Recent Works by Chua Ek Kay”, Australia (1995); “Colours of Infinity” (1997); “Hunter of the Wilderness” (1998); “Lyrical Space” (2000); “Street Scenes Revised ”(2001); “Timeless Space”, England (2002); “Being and Becoming – The Lotus Pond Series” (2003); “Yixi – Recent Painting of Chua Ek Kay”, Shanghai, China (2005); “Chua Ek Kay @ Art Forum” (2006) and took part in numerous collaborative and group exhibitions from 1982 till 2007 locally and internationally.

He was also one of the representatives of Singapore that exhibited his works around the world, such as in China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Spain, USA and Australia.

He received Distinction Awards, 9th UOB Competition, Singapore (1990) and the winner of the Grand Prize, 10th UOB Competition, Singapore (1991); Philip Morris ASEAN Arts Awards, Juror’s Choice, Singapore (1998); Cultural Medallion Awards, Government of Singapore (1999); LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts Fellowship, Singapore (2002).

His works are widely collected by many corporations and private collectors.

Contact: +65 9687 1206 (Mrs. Chua)