HO Ho Ying 何和应

© HO Ho Ying. Image courtesy of Modern Art Society Singapore.

Born in China 1936


Ho Ying obtained his BA in Chinese Language and Literature in Nanyang University, Singapore in 1962 and went to Hangzhou, China to study, major in History of Art and Criticism in Academy of Fine Arts in 1996/97. He was one of a founding members of Modern Art Society (1963), Singapore Art Society and Federation of Art Societies Singapore (FASS); president of these societies in several periods; also founded FASS Chengdu Art Studio (functioned for about 10 years) at Chengdu China in 2003.

He has held several solo exhibitions in Singapore, such as 1st Solo Exhibition (1966); 2nd Solo Exhibition (1978); 3rd Solo Exhibition (1980); 4th Solo Exhibition: “Breaking Barriers” (2000); 5th Solo Exhibition: “Walking on Rainbow” (2001); 6th Solo Exhibition: “Beyond Image” (2004) and 7th Solo Exhibition: “Ho Ho Ying – Present” (2014).

He has participated in plentiful of collaboration and group exhibitions locally, and was one of the representatives of Singapore to take part overseas exhibitions, such as in China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, France, Monaco, Australia and USA.

He has received Gold Award, Karongguini Art Exhibition (2000); Gold Award, FASS 10th Anniversary Long Service Award (2003); Notable Achievement Award of 500 Leaders of Influence, IBC, England (2001) and lastly a Cultural Medallion Award, Government of Singapore (2012).

His artworks are widely collected locally and internationally by various corporations and private collectors.

Contact: +65 9125 7016