Jeremy RAMSEY 林思

© Jeremy RAMSEY. Image courtesy of Modern Art Society Singapore.

Born in England, 1932

I usually start my work by giving a lot of thought to the subject matter. For me the most important abstract qualities in painting are the composition, the colour, and the message or atmosphere I am trying to create, and sometimes a feeling of rhythm or movement.

I have always been fascinated by the beauty of trees.  Trees are not merely living things but also have personalities and the means of intercommunicating like humans.

I am at present working on this series originally commenced in the nineties. Many of these works are fairly large.

Jeremy studied fine arts at Reading University, Hammersmith School of Arts & Crafts (1949 – 1952), and drawing under Professor Bryan Kneale (formerly Professor of Sculpture and Professor of Drawing with Royal College of Art, London).

He joined the Modern Art Society in 1993 and was twice elected as President of the Modern Art Society Singapore and a board member of the Singapore Tyler Print Institute at its inception. He has a book publication, Art Critic of the Times of London by John Russell with 355 coloured illustrations of his work in 2007.

He had held 7 solo shows; “Khorma-Hues of the Subconscious Mind” Singapore (2010); “Painting It Like It Feels”, London (2003); “Uncut Edges”, Singapore (2001); “Recent Works” with Patrick Procktor London (2000); “Trees Talking”, Singapore (1999); “Colours East”, London (1996); and “Colours”, Singapore (1994).

He has exhibited locally and overseas, such as Art Stage (2014); awarded residency for the Cill Rialaig Project at Ballinskelligs Co. Kerry Eire (2008);  “Recent Paintings”, London (2007); “Big Pictures” Exhibition (2008); “The Art of Collaboration, Masterpieces of Modern Tapestry” (2005); Arts Singapore (2002); “Naked Perfection” (2002); “Vision of Change”, United Kingdom (2000); “Art Palm Beach” International Modern & Contemporary Art Fair (2002); Asian Contemporary Art Exhibition, United Kingdom (2001); Australian Contemporary Art Fair, Australia (1998); “Preview of the Australian Contemporary Art Fair” Australia (1998); Group Exhibition at Redfern, London (1998); “Tresors” (1997 and 1996); “Still Life and Interior “London (1997); Taipei Art Fair, Taiwan (1996); and Singapore Contemporary Art Exhibition Macau (1994).

Contact: +65 9663 7633, +65 9838 3227 (Kam)