LYE Swee Koon 赖瑞焜

© LYE Swee Koon. Image courtesy of Modern Art Society Singapore.

Born in Singapore, 1948

Being an intrinsically motivated artist my artworks express my thoughts and feelings of things, peoples and events known or experienced. They reflect my perceptions and interpretations of life. Believing in originality in style and composition, all my works are new creations born out of my imagination.

It is a well-known fact that art transcends life, and I would describe each of my work as an elevation or exaltation of the real. Every work is an unique creation. Be it unconventional or abstract, it will exude a fresh spirit of a new creation.

Swee Koon first exhibited his work in National Day Art Exhibition, Singapore in 1971. Since then, he has participated in many exhibitions, “Unity in Diversity” (2012); “Boundaries” (2010); “Negotiating Boundaries” (2003); “Time and Space” (2001); “Self-Portrait of Artists” (1997); and MASS Annual Exhibition (1996); TKS Annual Art Exhibition (2013); “Forgetting The Roses” (2010); “Modern Hermit” (2009); “Mountains As Non-Mountains” (2008); “Commemorating A Decade” (2008); and TKS Annual Exhibition (2003); Singapore Art Show (2005); “Different Eyes, Different Views” (2000); “Singapore Artists Speak II” (1994); Singapore Artist Directory (1993); Singapore Art Fair ’92 (1992); Sculptures in Singapore Exhibition (1991); Singapore Art Fair ’90 (1990); IBM Art Award & Exhibition (1990 and 1989); and MCI Art Competition (1989 and 1987).

He has held a solo exhibition, The Earth & Man (2008).

He has participated in overseas group exhibitions, such as Asian International Art Exhibition (since 1996); group exhibition of artists from Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia, Thailand (2010); “Stretch Your Imagination”, Malaysia (2008); 3-Man Art Exhibition, England (United Kingdom) (1995).

He received Highly Commended in UOB Competition (1996); MCI Art Competition (1987); Merit Award for CCAS Art Competition (1994), REDAS Sculpture Competition and MCI Art Competition (1989).

His works are collected by Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, MCI (Singapore), IBM Singapore, Natsteel Limited Singapore, Citibank (Singapore), Rutledge (Singapore) and many other local and overseas private collectors.

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