NG Siok Hoon 黄淑芬

© NG Siok Hoon. Image courtesy of Modern Art Society Singapore.

Born in Singapore, 1973

Siok Hoon’s current series of works deals with the idea of constant flux experienced in our immediate urban and natural environment. The artist often combines different natural phenomena with fragments of maps or urban planning to unveil the coexistence of a fluid urbanscape in an unstable natural environment. Rather than literally depicting nature, she presented these natural phenomena in an unexpected way to suggest a sense of uncertainty and unpredictability in our environment, such as the sudden outburst of wind currents, light rays, isolated downpours or melting clouds.

Siok Hoon received her BA in Visual Arts from Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney, Australia and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from National Institute of Education, NTU Singapore.

She participated in many local and overseas group exhibitions, such as in Guangzhou (China), Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and Australia; Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong (2014), “Nothing in Common” (2014) and Affordable Art Fair (2011 – 2014).

Her artworks are collected by corporations and private collectors.

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