TAN Chee Teck 陈志德

© TAN Chee Teck. Image courtesy of Modern Art Society Singapore.

Born in Singapore, 1958

Tan Chee Teck is an interior designer and a self-taught artist specialising in oil and watercolour paintings.

His works often depict various forms of the building landscape. He has exhibited in various countries outside of Singapore and won several awards. Tan does not see himself as following any particular traditional style of painting. He associates the act of painting with the composition of music in that both serve to represent abstract ideas.

He eschews representational art and prefers painting as a medium through which emotions are expressed in abstractions.

Chee Teck is a self-taught artist, participated in many local and overseas group exhibitions, such as “The Call of Tradition” Exhibition (2009); “Second Nature, Cityscapes of Singapore” Art Exhibition, Hong Kong (1998); 12th Asian International Watercolour Art Exhibition (1997); Singapore Art Society Exhibition (1996); Asian International Art Exhibition (1995, 1993, 1991); Modern Art Society Exhibition (1994); Second Bru-Sin Art Exhibition (1991); Modern Art Travels East West, Rotterdam at World Trade Center and Empress Place Museum (1990); “Apple Art Fair” (1990); and Singapore Young Artist Exhibition (1988).

He received many awards, such as the Second Prize in “The Best Sporting Moment” Art Competition (1998); Dr. Tan Tsze Chor Art Award (1996); Special Meritorious Award in Artillery Art Competition (1992); Merit Award in IBM Art Competition (1990); Second Prize in Art Sentosa, Fort Siloso Painting Competition (1989); Meritorious Prize in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Alumni Association Art Exhibition (1989); Two Meritorious Prize in an Art Competition, Ministry of Communications and Information (1987); Dr. Tan Tsze Chor Young Artist Art Award (1986); and First Prize in National Painting and Calligraphy Competition (1985).

Contact: +65 9618 4935
Email: tancheeteck@singnet.com.sg