TENG Nee Cheong 邓尔昌

© Estate of TENG Nee Chong. Image courtesy of Modern Art Society Singapore.

Born in Singapore, 1951-2013

Nee Cheong obtained his art education and graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore (1968).

He has held 4 solo exhibitions in his life time, “Those the Gods Love Grow Mightier”, Singapore (2010); “Once Where Celestial Gods Frolicked”, Jakarta, Indonesia (1998); “Crescent Over the Equator”, Singapore (1992) and lastly, “Art in Action”, Singapore (1980) and took part in numerous group exhibitions locally as well as internationally, such as “Flora Fauna” (1982); “Artists Contemporains des Singapour”, Paris, France (1987); “Singapore Artists Exhibition”, Hong Kong, China (1988); “ASEAN Travelling Exhibitions”, ASEAN Countries (1989); “20 Singapore Artists Exhibition”, USA (1991); “Erotica”, Bali, Indonesia (2005); “Commemorating A Decade: 1997-2007” (2008); “Plunder & Play · Art is a Lie” (2011-2012) and “The Purest Song of Praise” (2013).

He has a Permanent Collection Exhibition that located in Bali, Indonesia (since 1995).

He received The Philip Morris Singapore Art Award in various occasions, and achieved a few awards such as Tan Tze Chor Award – Singapore Art Society (1991); Creative Award, Singapore (1982) and Special Award from the Ministry of Culture, Singapore (1978).

His works are widely collected by corporations and private collectors.

Contact: +65 9711 6801 (Teng Suzie)
Email: tscsherwood@yahoo.com.sg