TJINDRA Peni 王清璧

© TJINDRA Peni. Image courtesy of Modern Art Society Singapore.

Born in Indonesia, 1962

My Abstract Art has been inspired by my experience living in urban cities. Constant changes in city spaces have brought about imbalances between nature and cityscapes, transforming it into a concrete jungle.

Deploying mixed media and found objects, I attempt to express the connection and constant tension among the various elements of city life as a result of my concern over the encroaching urbanisation.

Peni graduated from National University of Singapore with BA in Economics and Statistics. However her passion in the visual arts pushed her to take up many art courses at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts such as Western Art Painting from 1999 – 2000, Mixed Media, Abstract Painting and Sculpture courses at NAFA; Chinese Calligraphy at Singapore Calligraphy Centre in the following years.

She participated in local and overseas exhibitions such as the Annual Competition and Exhibition (2004 and 2013); NAFA Alumni Annual Art Exhibition (2009 – 2013); Club NAFA Exhibition (2012 – 2014); Asia Invitation Art Exhibition in Seoul (2005); International Women’s Art Exhibition (2004); and 17th Asian International Watercolour Exhibition (2005).

She received outstanding for six times in Dr. Tan Tsze Chor Art Competition and won the First Prize (2012).

Contact: +65 9620 9233